10 benefits of traveling by bus

Even though the fastest route of travel is by air, some people still desire the traditional way of traveling by bus. Buses won’t go out of service anytime soon because of their benefits.

If you are looking to travel on a bus in Norway, you should consider the services of Flixbus. However, you should first read the experiences other people in Norway or who visited Norway have had with the company on norskeanmeldelser.no before you do. Here are some of the benefits of traveling by bus:

Cheap bus tickets

Even though you can still get ridiculously low airfare, bus tickets are cheaper and you don’t need to stress too much to get one. There are regular percentage discounts for different categories of people and the departures are more than that of a plane. Besides, when you calculate how much money you have saved when you travel by bus often, you will find that it is less than cars.

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Occasional breaks

If you are traveling long distances by train or plane, it is quite a harrowing experience. There are no breaks for you to catch your breath, although you can make occasional visits to the restroom. But when you are traveling by bus, you get few short breaks and one longer one. You not only get to stretch your legs on these breaks, but you can also step out to enjoy the scenery wherever you are.

Reduced chances of missing luggage

Having the nagging thought that your luggage might get missing is one thing that constantly plagues those who travel by flight, especially if the airline has been unprofessional and unreliable in the past. When your trip is over, you still have to wait for your luggage to appear on the carousel before you can go. However, there is less stress when it is a bus. The driver puts your luggage in the compartment and you are ready to go. Besides, there is no limit to the kilos of luggage you can bring, and you are not paying an extra fee for more weight.

No need to plan

If you are traveling by plane, it is advised you book your flight months in advance. This is done so that you can secure cheaper deals as travel fare becomes more expensive once the date is closer. However, you don’t have to plan to buy bus tickets. Either you buy it on the day of the trip or months in advance, it is always the same price. Also, you have the opportunity of changing your departure date easily unlike with plane tickets.

More comfortable seats

No long-distance travel is convenient but the seats in a bus guarantee more comfortability than those in a plane or train. There is more space for your legs, so you don’t have to bump your knees against the seat in front of you every time. Also, you can adjust your seat as much as you want, depending on how far the person behind allows you.

Refund policy

If something comes up and you can’t take your trip again, you can cancel the tickets and get the full refund or have just a minimal cancellation fee removed. You don’t need to have a valid reason, and not all bus carriers demand that you cancel your tickets 48 hours before departure. However, your money is likely to go down the drain if you cancel a plane ticket.

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